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Top 10 Popular Nylon or Classical Strings

Top 10 Popular Nylon or Classical Strings

Posted By Admin | December 7, 2023

Top 10 Popular Nylon or Classical Strings

Nylon strings are commonly used on classical guitars, as well as some acoustic and flamenco guitars. The choice of nylon strings is often associated with achieving a warm, mellow tone suitable for classical and fingerstyle playing. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here are some popular nylon string brands that have been well-regarded by musicians:

1.    D’Addario:

·       Model: EJ45 Pro-Arte Normal Tension

·       Features: D’Addario’s Pro-Arte series is widely used by classical guitarists. The EJ45 set is known for its balance of tone and playability.

2.    Savarez:

·       Model: Alliance Corum

·       Features: Savarez is a respected brand among classical guitarists. The Alliance Corum series is praised for its clear and rich tone.

3.    La Bella:

·       Model: 2001 Medium Tension

·       Features: La Bella has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality nylon strings. The 2001 series, in particular, is favored for its balance and projection.

4.    Hannabach:

·       Model: 815 Silver Special

·       Features: Hannabach strings are known for their precision and quality. The 815 Silver Special series is popular for its clear and bright tone.

5.    Cordoba:

·       Model: EJ45 Extra High Tension

·       Features: Cordoba, known for its classical and flamenco guitars, also offers nylon strings. The EJ45 Extra High Tension set is suitable for players who prefer a firmer feel.

6.    Augustine:

·       Model: Classic Red

·       Features: Augustine strings have been used by classical guitarists for many years. The Classic Red series is favored for its warmth and projection.

7.    Knobloch Strings:

·       Model: Actives QZ

·       Features: Knobloch offers a variety of nylon strings, and the Actives QZ series is known for its clarity and responsiveness.

8.    Royal Classics:

·       Model: Sonata

·       Features: Royal Classics produces nylon strings with a focus on quality and tonal balance. The Sonata series is appreciated for its rich sound.

9.    Luthier:

·       Model: Silver Special

·       Features: Luthier strings, particularly the Silver Special series, are chosen for their traditional craftsmanship and tonal characteristics.


·       Model: Alabastro

·       Features: Aquila is known for its innovative string designs. The Alabastro series is favored for its warm and vibrant tone.

When selecting nylon strings, it’s essential to consider factors such as tension (high, normal, or low), material composition, and the specific sound characteristics you desire. Additionally, personal preference plays a significant role in finding the right set for your playing style and the type of music you perform. As preferences may change and new products are introduced, it’s advisable to check for any updates or new releases in the world of nylon guitar strings.

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