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Custom Acoustic


We have long standing partnership with selected highly skilled luthiers and small manufacturers who have over 15 years of experience in building guitars. We have tried and tested their capabilities and we offer our expertise and design in developing each customized instruments for our clients. We also work closely with our clients and guide them in creating their dream instrument. Our custom shop guitars offer an affordable price to much value for these all-solid wood customised instruments thereby allowing our clients to attain these guitars at affordable prices.

For Classical Guitars we offer the following:

-Traditional fan bracing
-Lattice bracing
-Double tops with lattice or fan bracing

For Acoustic Guitars we offer the following:

-Grand Concert or Auditorium shape with our own design with our X bracing
-OM body shape
-Parlour shape

We are also currently working on and testing our designs for fan fretted or multi-scale instruments, we expect to launch this in due course.

Our prices generally range from USD 1750 to USD7500 and this depends on several factors such as the amount of customization work, choice of wood and grades, ornamentation work, inlay designing and type of finish.

We will guide through this process and help you.

As of date depending on the choice of guitar our lead time is 3-6 months from date of order and advance payment.

We offer a wide selection of woods that have been air dried in a humidity-controlled environment for over 7 – 10 years.

For our customised instruments we mainly offer only top quality full solid wood guitars and laminated back and sides are offered on special request only.

For back and sides we offer - East Indian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, Amazon Rosewood, Cocobolo (our preferred choice), Ziricote, Mohagany, Flamed & Quilted Maple, Cypress, Koa and others depending on availability.

For the Soundboard top we offer – premium to master grade Western Red Cedar, Moon Spruce (Classical Guitar only). Engelmann Spruce and Sitka Spruce. Bear Claw Spruce can also we provided.

For the Fretboard – Ebony and East Indian Rosewood or other varieties based on availability.

We will also guide you in your selection process.

Customized inlay designs using mainly Abalone, Mother of Pearl and certain hardwoods can be done on the fretboard and guitar back and sides.

You can either select from one of our ready sample designs or send us your design idea. We will endeavour to incorporate your design as much as possible. That said, the design should be practically possible for inlay work on the guitar. We will advise you in this area.

For classical guitars we offer a wide selection of different rosette designs depending on the choice of guitar and for acoustic guitars you can send us your design or choose from one of our samples.

For classical guitars we provide Cedar or Mohagany with carbon fibre or ebony single or double reinforcement.

For acoustic guitars– one piece Mohagany or multilayered five piece all solid wood neck design. This neck design provides stability.

We do offer Venetian and Florentine cutaways options. That said, certain hardwoods like Cocobolo that our difficult to bend and prone to cracking we would prefer a Florentine cutaway only.

Depending on the choice of body we offer the following scale lengths

For Acoustic Guitars we generally offer 25.4” or 25.5” with 1 3/4” nut width. Other lengths may be possible

For Classical Guitars we generally offer 650mm or 640mm scale lengths with 52mm nut width. Other length may be possible.

We generally do not have pick ups installed on our guitars as we prefer the natural tone of the guitar. However, we do understand that each players needs are different. Therefore, we can install a LR Braggs Anthem pick up on request at an additional charge.

For Classical guitars we offer French Polished or thinly coated of PU in either gloss or matte.

For Acoustic guitars we offer thinly coated PU in either gloss or matte. This is suitable for good durability and ensuring the natural resonance of the woods is not impeded.

We generally do not offer nitrocellulose lacquer as this is hazardous to work with and not environmentally friendly. With our thinly coated PU finishes we are able to achieve better results.

We endevour to provide a good standard setup at the time of making your custom instrument.

Due to different relatively humidity and temperature conditions which tend to affect and change the original setup once the guitar is received in your country may sometimes require minor saddle height, nut height and truss rod adjustments for neck relief These are all normal in nature and not manufacturing flaws and we can advise you on what should be done.

Also, each players needs are so different and will differ from guitar-to- guitar, preferred string tension etc. I always setup up my guitars to my personal preference no matter which top brand and even the most expensive instrument I’ve purchased needed to be adjusted to my personal preference.

To achieve your best preferred setup, please be patience, it takes sometime of playing and the guitar acclimatising to your home environment, don’t rush to immediately re-setup your guitar wait for a week to two of playing as this will help your guitar to acclimatize.

If you are not skilled in this area, we suggest it’s advisable to take it your guitar to your local luthier.



We prefer use top tier shipping companies like UPS or DHL or Fedex or any other reputed company. This ensures that your guitar reaches to you safely and in a timely manner. Shipping via EMS is also possible; however, we can’t guarantee delivery time and damage during transit.

The price of shipping will depend on your country and address location.

Once the guitar is ready for shipping, we will let you know the cost of shipping with costs of air shipping.