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Tunning instability problems with guitars. Can this be fixed? 

Tunning instability problems with guitars. Can this be fixed? 

Posted By Admin | December 4, 2023

Yes, Tuning Instability problems can be fixed by us.

The problems can occur due to the following:

1)     Mechanical issues with the machine heads

2)   Environmental issues such as changes in temperature & humidity

3)   New strings haven’t broken in or settled in

4)   Sting action is too high action

5)   There is too much neck relief

6)   Improperly cut nut slots, the strings could be getting caught in the nut slots 

7)   An improperly seated strings in the saddle and bridge pins can lead to tuning instability. 

8)   Corroded strings or parts can contribute to this issue, as they can interfere with the smooth movement of the strings.

However, regular tuning using a dependable tuner, careful maintenance, and proper string handling can help maintain your guitar’s pitch. Tighten the machine heads, ensure the strings are correctly seated in the bridge pins, and stretch your strings properly so they settle nicely at the bridge end and remain taut at the machine heads.

An often overlooked but essential aspect of guitar care is lubrication. Applying a small amount of lubricant to the nut and bridge can reduce friction, allowing for smoother string movement and enhancing tuning stability. In essence, keeping your guitar in tune requires regular adjustments, diligent care, and the strategic use of lubrication.

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